Skinny Pen or Skinny Jab?

Does CJA Lifestyle Offer The Skinny Pen Or Skinny Jab In The UK?

Are you seeking a non-surgical treatment to combat obesity? At CJA Lifestyle, our qualified doctors will develop a program to help you achieve your goals through improved diet, increased physical activity, improved sleep quality and looking at your mindset when it comes to food.  

To kick-start your CJA Lifestyle Plan, you may also be prescribed a weight loss injection containing the appetite suppressant Saxenda.

You may have heard of the Skinny Jab or Skinny Pen injections as a way to kick start weight loss, at CJA Lifestyle we offer the Skinny Pen slimming injection to suppress your appetite and help you reduce weight.  Most people find their appetite begins to reduce within a few days of taking Saxenda Skinny Pen UK injections.

Our doctor-led programme means we will closely monitor you and give you helpful advice and aids to help you successfully lose weight.  They key to success is to make permanent changes to your diet and exercise so let us help you find a weight loss path that works for you. 

What is The Skinny Jab?

Saxenda Skinny Jab Weight Loss, CJA LIFESTYLE PLAN, HAMPSHIREThe Skinny Pen or Skinny Jab is a popular weight loss injection, which is gaining a lot of attention in the UK. Skinny Jab is a branded version of Saxenda, the main difference being the strength, each dose of Skinny Jab provides 1.2 mcg of liraglutide, Saxenda provides 3 mcg.  

The name Skinny Jab is unfortunate, as it sets an unrealistic expectation in some patients that their fat will melt and they’ll be suddenly “skinny”. This is not the case.  Instead, the Skinny Pen slimming injection is designed to kick start and support weight loss alongside the CJA Lifestyle Plan for a sustainable weight loss and lifestyle change. 

You should only use the Skinny Pen when prescribed by a qualified doctor such as those at CJA Lifestyle, following tests to check your liver & kidney functions will support the use of the weight loss injection. As with any drug, you may experience side effects and contraindications (it may not be suitable for all) and these will be fully explained to you by one of our CJA Lifestyle medical professionals.  

How Does The Skinny Pen Work?

The Skinny Pen is a special pen that is pre-filled with Saxenda (liraglutide) which is similar to a hormone that occurs naturally in your body, helping to control your blood sugar and insulin levels, and digestion.  You will be shown how to give yourself a daily injection using the Skinny Pen, which is injected under the skin, rather than into a vein or muscle.

Studies show liraglutide can help dieters to reduce their calorie intake by up to 10%, which helps to assist weight loss by creating a calorie deficit. Dieters who self-inject liraglutide each morning can expect to lose up to 20lb in weight over a month more than those who rely solely on calorie restriction and exercise. However it should be noted that liraglutide will produce the best results when patients also follow a calorie controlled diet and perform daily exercise. 

Will I Need to Change My Diet After Using The Skinny Pen?

As with all hunger suppressing options, your diet is essential to real and sustained weight loss.  Regular Skinny Pen Saxenda injections will kick start weight loss, but a caloric deficit is the key to loss. You may lose calories from reducing your food intake throughout the day, through exercise or, for a greater weight loss, both.

To lose 1lb per week, it is recommended that you “lose” 3500 calories each week. This equates to 500 calories per day, whether you lose this through a reduction in calories in or through exercise, this is a good rule to follow. By following our doctor-led weight loss programme, the CJA Lifestyle Plan, we can equip you with the knowledge required to lose weight and keep it off, including the importance of wellness and good sleeping patterns too.

Who Can Use The Skinny Pen Or Skinny Jab?

The CJA Lifestyle Plan is ideal for patients with a BMI greater than of 30 or, if you have a weight-related illness, greater than 27.  Weight related illnesses include high blood pressure, type two diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood triglycerides.  We treat each person as an individual and will carry out a medical assessment before designing a bespoke plan for you.

Patients are screened for a number of contraindications which are explained to you during your consultation. There are a number of contraindications which would make this weight loss injection unsuitable, for example we would not prescribe the Skinny Pen to patients with a history of kidney disease.

Are There Any Side Effects With Skinny Jab?

Some mild side effects have been reported following use of Skinny Jab. The two most common tend to be nausea and diarrhoea.

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